Social Events

Two main online social events are planned for the conference week, both in (Grinzing). The Gather.Town environment allows participants to talk to each other in a natural way: people close to each other see and hear each other, people in a distance cannot be heard. Private areas in Grinzing allow for private meetings of two to six people.

On Tuesday late afternoon (CET), May 4, there will be the first social event.

After the welcome words we will explain several social activities and locations available during EG’2021.

We will give a brief introduction to the games that are located in Prater and present Viennese kitchen room at Gather.Town that features original recipes of local food & coffee.

It will be followed by the intro to the Meet & Greet activity – our take on the scientific speed dating. It will take place on Thursday evening (Social Event 2). Don’t forget to register to join a group sharing your interest!

The highlight of the event is the official presentation of Schnitzeljagd – a quiz variation of scavenger hunt based on the Vienna map. We will explain the rules and announce the prizes! (Tip: if you want to start hunting earlier – look for the flag with a schnitzel on it for the info)

After this, participants can also visit the poster presentations in Schönbrunn, for this all poster presenters are asked to be present at their posters. This will compensate a little bit for the traditional poster reception.

On Thursday late afternoon (CET), May 6, there will be the second social event.

Our second social event features the Meet & Greet activity – our take on the scientific speed dating. Participants will have the opportunity to meet other colleagues from all over the world that share their interests! Discuss their research topics, hobbies develop new connections and acquaintances, and to socialize. The format of our virtual event will allow you to connect with colleagues from Undergrad students to Full Professors.

To be directed to the group of desired interest you need to register before Thursday!  Register here!

If you haven’t registered beforehand, feel free join as a wild card!

After the event we will recap the other possibilities to socialize in Gather.Town Vienna. As Gather.Town is open 24/7, you can remain there to play some of the offered games together with other participants and your friends as long as you want!


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