Eurographics’2021 LOCAL ORGANIZATION

Conference Chairs
Werner Purgathofer TU Wien, Austria
Markus Gross ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Local Organization Chair
Max Höfferer TU Wien, Austria
Local Administration
NN TU Wien, Austria
Sponsorship Coordinator
Georg Stonawski VRVis Research Center, Vienna, Austria
COVID-19 Precautions Coordinator
Stefan Ohrhallinger TU Wien, Austria
Webpages & Technical Support
Stefan Bösch-Plepelits TU Wien, Austria
Johannes Eschner TU Wien, Austria
Simone Risslegger TU Wien, Austria
Social Media & Communication
Laura Luidolt TU Wien, Austria
Student Volunteers Chairs
Manfred Klaffenböck TU Wien, Austria
Katharina Krösl VRVis Research Center, Vienna, Austria
Philipp Erler TU Wien, Austria
Fast-Forward Chair
Adam Celarek TU Wien, Austria
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