(Vienna, Austria), May 3–7, 2021

Eurographics’2021, the 42nd Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, will take place on May 3 − 7, 2021. It is organized by the Research Unit of Computer Graphics at TU Wien. Eurographics’2021 is a unique platform for the computer graphics community to showcase latest techniques and educational work, and to explore new trends and ideas.

It was planned to host Eurographics’2021 in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more clear that the COVID-19 crisis will continue for quite some time. We are the most sad of all having to inform you that Eurographics’2021 will have to be organized as a purely virtual event. Contact restrictions and travel warnings will not be over in time to allow for a “normal” conference. We are very sorry for all who were looking forward to visiting Vienna, and even more important meeting their colleagues and friends in person.

However, we will try to make Eurographics’2021 as exciting as possible. The virtual format has some advantages for some (no traveling, no accommodation costs, no separation from partners, etc.), and we will do our best to provide you with a high-quality and socially valuable conference. So put the date in your calendar now (May 3-7, 2021) and don’t book a trip 🙂 Submit your work to Eurographics’2021, and enjoy that you can do your presentation from home. And expect us to invent motivating surprises during the conference week!

Werner Purgathofer, Markus Gross (conference chairs)

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