Eurographics’2021 Program Chairs

Conference Chairs
Werner Purgathofer TU Wien, Austria
Markus Gross ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Full papers
Niloy Mitra University College London (UCL), UK
Ivan Viola KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Short papers
Holger Theisel University of Magdeburg, Germany
Michael Wimmer TU Wien, Austria
Jiří Bittner TU Prague, Czech Republic
Manuela Waldner TU Wien, Austria
State-of-the-art reports
Holly Rushmeier Yale University, USA
Katja Bühler VRVis Research Center, Vienna, Austria
Carol O’Sullivan Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Dieter Schmalstieg TU Graz, Austria
Education papers
Beatriz Sousa Santos University of Aveiro, Portugal
Gitta Domik Paderborn University, Germany
EG Doctoral Consortium
László Szirmay-Kalos TU Budapest, Hungary
Hsiang-Yun Wu TU Wien, Austria
Projects and Labs
Ursula Augsdörfer TU Graz, Austria
Reinhold Preiner TU Graz, Austria
Diversity Program
Céline Loscos University of Reims, France
Industrial Program
Gerd Hesina VRVis Research Center, Vienna, Austria
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