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(new version September 2020)

Eurographics’2021 invites companies and organizations to sponsor the event.

The EG’2021 sponsorship alternatives are designed with maximum ROI in mind. Choose one (or more) sponsorship packages and get a point contingent. Then choose items from the sponsorship list in the amount of this contingent.

Demonstrate your company’s leadership position in Computer Graphics and Visualization at Eurographics’2021 – become a Eurographics’2021 sponsor.

The following sponsorship packages are available.

Sponsorship packages: (other sponsor contributions are also welcome)

Platinum          represents 13,000 points                    for            sponsorship 10,000.- €
Gold                represents   6,000 points                    for            sponsorship   5,000.- €
Silver               represents   3,500 points                    for            sponsorship   3,000.- €
Bronze            represents   1,500 points                    for            sponsorship   1,500.- €

Sponsors are invited to choose their benefits:

There will be one main (and explicitly mentioned and thanked) sponsor for every session.
Welcome session (1 available): 3,000 points [taken]
Papers Fast Forward session (1 available): 2,000 points [taken]

Keynotes (4 available): 3,000 points [all taken]
Poster session (1 available): 1,000 points [taken]
Award session (1 available): 2,000 points [taken]
Paper sessions (20 available): 1,000 points

Break fillers (10 available): 2,000 points

Additional 20 sec promotional video at session start: +2,000 points

Prominent display on program overview webpage (3 available): 5,000 points [all taken]
Prominent display on registration webpage (3 available): 5,000 points [1 taken]

Industrial presentation 10 min talk (6 available): 6,000 points

Virtual Exhibition booth (20 available): 2,000 points

3 free registrations: 1,000 points
1 free registration: 500 points
1 email to all participants of a session: 1,500 points

A list of all sponsors will be shown on many webpages and at many occasions during the conference.
Platinum and gold sponsors will also be listed in emails and in social media, including a small logo on the moderator background.

Contact:  Georg Stonawski   via   sponsoring-eg2021@eg.org    or    +43-664-1001639

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