Rome 13-17 June 2022

Co-located Events

Multiple co-located events will be held in conjunction with EuroVis 2022. All will take place at the same venue on June 13th.

Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization

The Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV) aims to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge on exploiting and defining new trends in parallel graphics and visualization. This area is of growing importance due to the rapidly increasing availability of multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and cluster systems. Computationally demanding and data-intensive applications in graphics and visualization are strongly affected by this trend and require novel, efficient parallel solutions.

// EnvirVis
Visualization in Environmental Sciences Workshop

Research in environmental sciences has become more and more important as we are faced with increasing problems concerning climate change, water scarcity, pollution of the environment, or changes in biodiversity. The EnvirVis-workshop invites contributions with a broad application area in environmental research from both visualization and environmental sciences. Our goal is to raise awareness to the importance of visualisation for this domain and to establish a forum for interdisciplinary discussions.

// EuroVA
International EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics

EuroVA 2021 is the premier workshop to present and discuss fresh ideas on new methods and theories, novel applications, designs, and studies on the use of Visual Analytics methods and systems. The workshop will accept a wide range of contributions within the broad area of Visual Analytics, including novel techniques, systems, applications, evaluation studies and methods, and theoretical foundations, as well as fresh viewpoints on future challenges and critical reflections.

// MLVis 2022
International Workshop on Machine Learning in Visualisation for Big Data 2022

The Workshop on Machine Learning in Visualisation for Big Data targeted toward machine learning methods in visualisation from both the machine learning and visualisation communities, addressing how the two technologies can be used together to provide greater insight to end users. The fifth edition of this co-located event will be part-tutorial and part-workshop so as to increase the interaction between researchers.

// VisGap
The gap between visualization research and visualization software development

The VisGap Symposium aims to shed a light on the gap between research and practical applicability, examine the obstacles every researcher faces, and propose solutions to overcome this problem as a community. VisGap’22 aims at gathering experts from all over the visualization community in order to advance the way our field works with software, sustains software, and values the effort our members put into developing said software.