Rome 13-17 June 2022

Best Paper and Reviewer Awards

// Full Papers Program

Best Paper
Of Course it’s Political! A Critical Inquiry into Underemphasized Dimensions in Civic Text Visualization
Eric Baumer, Mahmood Jasim, Ali Sarvghad, and Narges Mahyar

Honorable Mention
Visual Analytics of Contact Tracing Policy Simulations During an Emergency Response
Max Sondag, Cagatay Turkay, Kai Xu, Louise Matthews, Sibylle Mohr, and Daniel Archambault

Honorable Mention
Rich Screen Reader Experiences for Accessible Data Visualization
Jonathan Zong, Crystal Lee, Alan Lundgard, JiWoong Jang, Daniel Hajas, and Arvind Satyanarayan

Best Reviewer Award
Kenneth Moreland

Honorable Reviewer Award
Katherine E. Isaacs
Tamara Munzner

// Short Papers Program
Best Paper
Inferential Tasks as an Evaluation Technique for Visualization
Ashley Suh, Ab Mosca, Shannon Robinson, Quinn Pham, Dylan Cashman, Alvitta Ottley, and Remco Chang

Honorable Mention
Blocks: Creating Rich Tables with Drag-and-Drop Interaction
Allison Whilden, Dirk Karis, Vidya Setlur, Rodion Degtyar, Jonathan Que, and Filippos Lymperopoulos

Honorable Mention
DASH: Visual Analytics for Debiasing Image Classification via User-Driven Synthetic Data Augmentation
Bum Chul Kwon, Jungsoo Lee, Chaeyeon Chung, Nyoungwoo Lee, Ho-Jin Choi, and Jaegul Choo

// Posters Program
Best Poster
Visual Exploration of Genetic Sequence Variants in Pangenomes
Astrid van den Brandt, Eef M. Jonkheer, Dirk-Jan M. van Workum, Sandra Smit, and Anna Vilanova

Honorable Mention
Visually Explaining Publication Ranks in Citation-based Literature Search with PURE suggest
Fabian Beck and Cedric Krause