Image Contest

An image says more than a thousand words. A great image can stir emotion, communicate a message, or capture a moment, otherwise lost to history. In science, it can also help us to reveal various aspects of our scientific work and inform of scientific findings. In the end, images are the backbones of visualization. Therefore, we are proud to reintroduce the VCBM image contest for the upcoming 9th EG Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine in Brno, Czech Republic.

Contest Details

Understanding that scientific images in biology and medicine are extremely versatile, ranging from microscopic photography to information graphs, the VCBM image contest is open to all scientific images (photographs, info-graphics, computer-generated images, etc.). Each participant is allowed to submit up to three images. The winners will be selected based on three categories: aesthetics, ability to communicate information content, and application relevance.


An international jury will evaluate each submission in terms of their appropriateness. Successful entries will be ranked based on their aesthetics, ability to communicate information content, and application relevance. The three best-ranked submissions will receive the VCBM image award.

In addition, the jury will select one image of each participant for public display. Each of those will enter the People’s Choice competition. The People’s Choice winner will be determined by votes of all conference participants. The voting system will be revealed during the conference.

All winners will receive great honor within the scientific community and will receive a price. The nature of the price is a secret at the moment but will be disclosed during the conference.

Image Submission

Submissions can be made via e-mail to the VCBM image contest chairs Sergej Stoppel ( or Noeska Smit ( Each participant can submit up to three images. Submitted images must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi), .jpg images and should not exceed 20MB.

Each submitted image must be accompanied by:

  • Image Title (max 10 words): e.g., My funny pelvis
  • Image Caption (max 60 words): e.g., This image allows surgeons to evaluate risk areas during surgery planning. The image combines three-dimensional models with two-dimensional slices of CT scans, utilizing the strengths of traditional radiology imaging as well as three-dimensional rendered imagery.
  • Background Information for the Jury (max 250 words): Explain how the image was obtained why is it relevant for VCBM? Feel free to provide any additional information that comes to your mind.

The image file name should follow the following format Last name, underscore, First name, underscore, Image Title: e.g. Jane_Doe_MyFunnyPelvis.jpg

The image caption will be used during a display during the conference and should give the audience any relevant information about the image, its story, location, subject presented etc.

Submissions will be closed on August 23, 2019 at 23:59 (CET). The winners will be announced during a reserved session at the end of the VCBM conference.

Participant Agreement

By submitting, contest participants confirm:

  • they are the creators of the submitted images and own all the rights to the images,
  • they agree that VCBM is not responsible for any infringements of copyrights by third parties,
  • they agree that VCBM can use the submitted images with a clear reference to the originator, to promote the conference, without financial compensation of the participants. The creator of the image retains full ownership and the copyright of each entry.