The joint conferences of Eurographics and Eurovis 2020 will be held from May 25 till 29 in a virtual forum using a video conferencing platform. The co-located events and tutorials will take place on Monday, May 25 and the conference will be on the following four working days.

All times are given in CEST (UTC+2) Europe/Stockholm.

A high-resolution version of the program is available here.

Monday, May 25

09:00 - 10:30 (Monday)
WICED: Opening & Keynote (starts at 09:20)
Chair: Hui-Yin Wu
  • Opening
    Tsai-Yen Li, Vineet Gandhi
  • Keynote: When Virtual Reality Editing Meets Network Streaming
    Lucile Sassatelli
MolVA: First Session
Chair: Jan Byška
  • Opening
    Jan Byška
  • Invited talk: Visual Interactive Analysis of Molecular Dynamics
    Mathieu Linares
  • Molecular Binding in a Visuohaptic Environment: An Enhanced Approach in STEM Learning
    Shamima Yasmin and Rhianna Quick
  • The Vesicle Builder – A Membrane Packing Algorithm for the CELLmicrocosmos MembraneEditor
    Beatrice Giuliari, Manuel Kösters, Jan Zhou, Tim Dingersen, André Heissmann, Ralf Rotzoll, Jens Krüger, Alejandro Giorgetti, and Björn Sommer
VISGAP: Introduction & Keynote
Chair: Christina Gillmann
  • Intro
    Christina Gillmann, Guido Reina, Thomas Wischgoll, Michael Krone
  • The Topology ToolKit: Experience, Lessons and Messages
    Julien Tierny
  • Visualization in Notebook-Style Interfaces
    Johanna Schmidt
  • Discussion
EuroVA: Opening Remarks & Keynote
Chairs: Cagatay Turkay, Katerina Vrotsou
  • Opening Remarks
    Cagatay Turkay
  • Keynote
    Christian Tominski
EGPGV: Session 1 (Opening & Full Papers: Graphics)
Chair: Kurt Debattista
  • Paper Chair Introduction to Program
    Steffen Frey
  • Finding Efficient Spatial Distributions for Massively Instanced 3-d Models
    Stefan Zellman, Nate Morrical, Ingo Wald, Valerio Pascucci
  • Fast Multi-View Rendering for Real-Time Applications
    Johannes Unterguggenberger, Bernhard Kerbl, Markus Steinberger, Dieter Schmalstieg, Michael Wimmer
  • Moment-Based Opacity Optimization
    Mahmoud Zeidan, Tobias Rapp, Christoph Peters, Carsten Dachsbacher
11:00 - 12:30 (Monday)
WICED: Session 2 (ends at 12:15)
Chair: Vineet Gandhi
  • User-Adaptive Rotational Snap-Cutting for Streamed 360-Degree Videos
    Miguel Fabian Romero Rondon, Lucile Sassatelli, Ramon Aparicio Pardo, and Frédéric Precioso
  • Designing an Adaptive Assistive Interface for Learning Virtual Filmmaking
    Qiu-Jie Wu, Chih-Hsuan Kuo, Hui-Yin Wu, Tsai-Yen Li
  • How Good is Good Enough? The Challenge of Evaluating Subjective Quality of AI-Edited Video Coverage of Live Events
    Miruna Radut,Kristie To, Tamsin Nooney, and Graeme Phillipson
  • Exploring the Impact of 360° Movie Cuts in Users' Attention
    Carlos Marañes, Diego Gutierrez, Ana Serrano
  • Industry Talk: Towards a new empirically driven language of cinematography
    Graeme Phillipson and Mhairi Finlayson
MolVA: Second Session
Chairs: Michael Krone, Björn Sommer
  • Improved Umbrella Visualization implemented in UnityMol gives valuable insight on sugar/protein interplay
    Camille Besançon, Hua Wong, Rajas Rao, Manuel Dauchez, Nicolas Belloy, Jessica Jonquet-Prevoteaum, and Stéphanie Baud
  • Mesoscope: A Web-based Tool for Mesoscale Data Integration and Curation
    Ludovic Autin, Martina Maritan, Brett Barbaro, Adam Gardner, Arthur Olson, Michel Sanner, and David S. Goodsell
  • Invited talk: Molecular Visualization in Virtual Reality: challenges and opportunities
    Pere-Pau Vázquez
  • Closing Remarks
    Jan Byška
VISGAP: Guidelines and General Considerations
Chair: Katja Bühler
  • Selecting and Sharing Multidimensional Projection Algorithms: A Practical View
    Mateus Espadoto
  • Framing the challenges of operational and domain usage of visualization methods
    Karen Bemis
  • Towards closing the gap of medical visualization research and clinical daily routine
    Robin Maack
  • Participatory Visualization Design as an Approach to Minimize the Gap between Research and Application
    Stefan Jänicke, Pawandeep Kaur, Pawel Jan Kuzmicki, Johanna Schmidt
  • Joint Discussion
EuroVA: Visual Analytics Methods and Applications
Chair: Sara Johansson Fernstad
  • SpatialRugs: Enhancing Spatial Awareness of Movement in Dense Pixel Visualizations
    Juri Buchmüller, Udo Schlegel, Eren Cakmak, Daniel Keim, Evanthia Dimara
  • SepEx: Visual Analysis of Class Separation Measures
    Jürgen Bernard, Marco Hutter, Matthias Zeppelzauer, Michael Sedlmair, Tamara Munzner
  • Dual Radial Set
    Kresimir Matkovic, Denis Gracanin, Matea Bardun, Rainer Splechtna, Helwig Hauser
  • An Exploratory Visual Analytics Tool for Multivariate Dynamic Networks
    Hasan Alp Boz, Mohsen Bahrami, Yoshihiko Suhara, Burcin Bozkaya, Selim Balcisoy
  • DualNetView: Dual Views for Visualizing the Dynamics of Networks
    Vung Pham, Ngan V. T. Nguyen, Tommy Dang
EGPGV: Session 2 (Full Papers: Visualization)
Chair: Benjamin Hernandez
  • Improving Performance of M-to-N Processing and DataRedistribution in In Transit Analysis and Visualization
    Burlen Loring, Wes Bethel, Mathew Wolf, James Kress, Silvio Rizzi, Junmin Gu, Jeremy Logan, Nicola Ferrier
  • Effective Parallelization Strategies for Scalable, High-Performance Iterative Reconstruction
    Christiaan Gribble
  • Approaches for In Situ Computation of Moments in a Data-Parallel Environment
    Karen C. Tsai, Roxana Bujack, Berk Geveci, Utkarsh Ayachit, James Ahrens
13:30 - 15:00 (Monday)
Eurographics Tutorials 1: Black Box Geometric Computing with Python: From Theory to Practice
Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
Chair: Sebastian Koch
  • Introduction
    Daniele Panozzo
  • Introduction to Finite Element Methods
    Teseo Schneider
  • Q&A
  • Geometry Processing and Visualization
    Sebastian Koch
  • Q&A
Eurographics Tutorials 2: From Perception to Interaction with Virtual Characters
Eduard Zell, Katja Zibrek, Xueni "Sylvia" Pan, Marco Gillies, Rachel McDonnell
Chairs: Rachel McDonnel, Xueni "Sylvia" Pan
  • Visual Perception Basics
    Katja Zibrek
  • Discussion, Q&A
  • Stimuli Creation
    Eduard Zell
  • Discussion, Q&A
  • Character Motion and Behaviour
    Katja Zibrek
  • Discussion, Q&A
WICED: Session 3 (starts at 14:00)
Chair: Marc Christie
  • Keynote: Reinventing movies: How do we tell stories in VR?
    Diego Gutierrez
EnvirVis: Paper Session
Chair: Kathrin Feige
  • Visual Exploration of Climate-Related Volunteered Geographic Information
    Carlo Navarra, Tomasz Opach, Katerina Vrotsou, Almar Joling, Julie Wilk, Tina Neset
  • Visual Analysis of a Full-Scale-Emplacement Experiment in the Underground Rock Laboratory Mont Terri using Fiber Surfaces
    Felix Raith, Christian Blecha, Karsten Rink, Wenqing Wang, Olaf Kolditz, Hua Shao, Gerik Scheuermann
  • SoilScanner: 3D Visualization for Soil Profiling using Portable X-ray
    Vung Pham, David Weindorf, Tommy Dang
MLVis: Tutorial + Paper presentations
Chairs: Daniel Archambault, Ian Nabney, Jaakko Peltonen
  • Opening
    Daniel Archambault, Ian Nabney, Jaakko Peltonen
  • Tutorial Part 1
    Ian Nabney
  • Tutorial Part 2
    Jaakko Peltonen
  • Tutorial Part 3
    Daniel Archambault
  • Progressive Multidimensional Projections: A Process Model based on Vector Quantization
    Elio Ventocilla, Rafael M. Martins, Fernando Paulovich, Maria Riveiro
  • Q&A for 5 minutes
  • ModelSpeX: Model Specification Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence Methods
    Udo Schlegel, Eren Cakmak, Daniel Keim
  • Q&A for 5 minutes
VISGAP: Application Retrospectives
Chair: Stefan Jänicke
  • From Research Topic to Industrial Practice: An Experience Report
    Petra Gospodnetic
  • Developing Visual Analytics Applications for Adaptive Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
    Renata Raidou
  • How the deprecation of Java applets affected online visualization frameworks - a case study
    Martin Skrodzki
  • Tales from the Trenches: Developing a new 3D viewer for the ImageJ community
    Ulrik Günther
  • Joint Discussion
EuroVA: Visual Analysis of High Dimensional and Temporal Data
Chair: Jürgen Bernard
  • Quality Metrics to Guide Visual Analysis of High Dimensional Genomics Data
    S. Johansson Fernstad, A. Macquisten, J. Berrington, N. Embleton, C. Stewart
  • Enhanced Attribute-Based Explanations of Multidimensional Projections
    D. van Driel, X. Zhai, Z. Tian, A. Telea
  • Progressive Parameter Space Visualization for Task-Driven SAX Configuration
    S. Loeschcke , M. Hogräfer, H.-J. Schulz
  • Congnostics: Visual features for doubly time series plots
    Bao Nguyen, Rattikorn Hewett, Tommy Dang
  • A window-based approach for mining long duration event-sequences
    Katerina Vrotsou, Aida Nordman
EGPGV: Session 3 (Short Papers: Visualization & Panel)
Chair: Shaomeng Li
  • High-Quality Rendering of Glyphs Using Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing
    Stefan Zellmann, Martin Aumüller, Nathan Marshak, Ingo Wald
  • Alternative parameters for On-The-Fly Simplification of MergeTrees
    Kilian Werner, Christoph Garth
  • Panel Discussion
    James Ahrens, Kenneth Moreland, Julien Tierny, Chair: Filip Sadlo
15:30 - 17:00 (Monday)
Eurographics Tutorials 1: Black Box Geometric Computing with Python: From Theory to Practice
Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
Chair: Sebastian Koch
  • Robust Black Box Analysis
    Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
  • Q&A
Eurographics Tutorials 2: From Perception to Interaction with Virtual Characters
Eduard Zell, Katja Zibrek, Sylvia Xueni Pan, Marco Gillies, Rachel McDonnell
Chair: Sylvia Xueni Pan
  • Part 2
    Eduard Zell, Katja Zibrek, Sylvia Xueni Pan, Marco Gillies, Rachel McDonnell
  • Discussion, Q&A
WICED: Session 4
Chair: Tsai-Yen Li
  • CineFilter: Unsupervised Filtering for Real Time Autonomous Camera System
    Sudheer Achary, Bhanu Moorthy K.L., Ashar Javed Syed, Nikitha Shravan, Vineet Gandhi, and Anoop M Namboodiri1
  • GAZED– Gaze-guided Cinematic Editing of Wide-Angle Monocular Video Recordings
    Bhanu Moorthy K.L., Moneish Kumar, Ramanathan Subramanian, and Vineet Gandhi
  • Joint Attention for Automated Video Editing
    Hui-Yin Wu, Trevor Santarra, Michael Leece, Rolando Vargas, and Arnav Jhala
  • Dynamic Cinematography of Real-Life Sports
    Adam Myhill
  • Closing
    Tsai-Yen Li, Vineet Gandhi
EnvirVis: Keynote
Chairs: Soumya Dutta, Karsten Rink
  • Keynote: Fire/atmosphere modeling: opportunities and challenges
    Rodman Ray Linn
MLVis: Paper Presentations and group panel discussion based on all papers (15 minute presentations + 5 minute questions)
Chairs: Daniel Archambault, Ian Nabney, Jaakko Peltonen
  • Visual Analysis of the Impact of Neural Network Hyper-Parameters
    Daniel Jönsson, Gabriel Eilertsen, Hezi shi, Jianmen Zheng, Anders Ynnerman, and Jonas Unger
  • Improving the Sensitivity of Statistical Testing for Clusterability with Mirrored-Density Plots
    Michael C. Thrun
  • Visual Interpretation of DNN-based Acoustic Models using Deep Autoencoders
    Tamás Grósz and Mikko Kurimo
  • Group Discussion
    Daniel Jönsson, Michael C. Thrun, Tamás Grósz, Elio Ventocilla, Udo Schlegel
VISGAP: Capstone & Closing
Chairs: Guido Reina, Michael Krone
  • Lessons Learned from Large Data Visualization Software Development for the K computer
    Jorji Nonaka
  • Software Sizes and Intent in Academia and Industry, Two Case Studies
    Sebastian Grottel
  • Discussion & Closing
EuroVA: Intersecting Humans and AI
Chairs: Cagatay Turkay, Katerina Vrotsou
  • Learning and Teaching in Co-Adaptive Guidance for Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics
    Fabian Sperrle, Astrik Jeitler, Jürgen Bernard Daniel Keim, Mennatallah El-Assady
  • A Generic Model for Projection Alignment Applied to Neural Network Visualization
    Gabriel D. Cantareira, Fernando V. Paulovich
  • Visual Analysis for Hospital Infection Control using a RNN Model
    Martin Müller, Markus Petzold, Marcel Wunderlich, Tom Baumgartl, Markus Höhn, Dr. Vanessa Eichel, PD Dr. Med. Nico T. Mutters, Prof. Dr. Med. Simone Scheithauer, Michael Marschollek, Tatiana von Landesberger
  • Interactive Visualization of AI-based Speech Recognition Texts
    Tsung Heng Wu, Ye Zhao and Md Amiruzzaman
  • Closing
    Cagatay Turkay, Katerina Vrotsou
EGPGV: Session 4 (Keynote & Closing)
Chair: Jian Huang
  • Keynote: In Situ Data Analytics for Next Generation Molecular Dynamics Workflows
    Michela Taufer, Michel Cuendet, Trilce Estrada, Harel Weinstein
  • Awards and Closing
    Jian Huang
17:15 - 18:15 (Monday)
Opening & Awards
Chair: Anders Ynnerman
  • Introduction & Welcome
    Anders Ynnerman, Ingrid Hotz, and Jonas Unger
  • President EG
  • Papers Chairs Eurovis
  • Papers Chairs EG
  • EG Senior Awards
  • EG Junior Awards
  • Eurovis Young Researcher Award
  • Eurovis Best PhD Award
  • Virtual Conference Information
    Matthew Cooper
18:15 (Monday)

Tuesday, May 26

09:00 - 10:30 (Tuesday)
Eurographics Full Papers 1: Fluids
Chair: Chris Wojtan
  • Asynchronous Eulerian Liquid Simulation
    Tatsuya Koike, Shigeo Morishima, and Ryoichi Ando
  • Local Bases for Model-reduced Smoke Simulations
    Olivier Mercier and Derek Nowrouzezahrai
  • Fast and Scalable Solvers for the Fluid Pressure Equations with Separating Solid Boundary Conditions
    Junyu Lai, Yangang Chen, Yu Gu, Christopher Batty, and Justin W. L. Wan
  • Accelerating Distributed Graphical Fluid Simulations with Micro-partitioning (CGF)
    Hang Qu, Omid Mashayekhi, Chinmayee Shah, Philip Levis
Eurographics Full Papers 2: Point Clouds
Chair: Mario Botsch
  • Persistence Analysis of Multi-scale Planar Structure Graph in Point Clouds
    Thibault Lejemble, Claudio Mura, Loïc Barthe, and Nicolas Mellado
  • PointCleanNet: Learning to Denoise and Remove Outliers from Dense Point Clouds (CGF)
    Marie-Julie Rakotosaona, Vittorio La Barbera, Paul Guerrero, Niloy J. Mitra, and Maks Ovsjanikov
  • Progressive Real-Time Rendering of One Billion Points Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
    Markus Schütz, Gottfried Mandlburger, Johannes Otepka, and Michael Wimmer
Eurographics STARs 1: Temporal Antialiasing Techniques
Chair: Lei Yang
  • A Survey of Temporal Antialiasing Techniques
    Lei Yang, Shiqiu Liu, Marco Salvi
Eurovis Full Papers 1: Multivariate Data Visualization
Chair: Seokhee Hong
  • Evaluating Reordering Strategies for Cluster Identification in Parallel Coordinates
    Michael Blumenschein, Xuan Zhang, David Pomerenke, Daniel Keim, Johannes Fuchs
  • Sunspot Plots: Model-based Structure Enhancement for Dense Scatter Plots
    Thomas Trautner, Fabian Bolte, Sergej Stoppel, Stefan Bruckner
  • v-plots: Designing Hybrid Charts for the Comparative Analysis of Data Distributions
    Michael Blumenschein, Luka J. Debbeler, Nadine C. Lages, Britta Renner, Daniel Keim, Mennatallah El-Assady
  • Hinted Star Coordinates for Mixed Data
    Jose Alejandro Matute Flores, Lars Linsen
11:00 - 12:30 (Tuesday)
Eurographics Full Papers 3: Simulation of Soft Materials
Chair: Kenny Erleben
  • SoftSMPL: Data-driven Modeling of Nonlinear Soft-tissue Dynamics for Parametric Humans
    Igor Santesteban, Elena Garces, Miguel A. Otaduy, and Dan Casas
  • Modeling and Estimation of Nonlinear Skin Mechanics for Animated Avatars
    Cristian Romero, Miguel A. Otaduy, Dan Casas, and Jesús Pérez
  • A Practical Method for Animating Anisotropic Elastoplastic Materials
    Camille Schreck and Chris Wojtan
  • Mixing Yarns and Triangles in Cloth Simulation
    Juan J. Casafranca, Gabriel Cirio, Alejandro Rodríguez, Eder Miguel, and Miguel A. Otaduy
Eurographics Full Papers 4: Sparse Voxels and Texture Synthesis
Chair: Michael Wimmer
  • Interactively Modifying Compressed Sparse Voxel Representations
    Victor Careil, Markus Billeter, and Elmar Eisemann
  • UV-free Texturing using Sparse Voxel DAGs
    Dan Dolonius, Erik Sintorn, and Ulf Assarsson
  • On Demand Solid Texture Synthesis Using Deep 3D Networks (CGF)
    J. Gutierrez J. Rabin, B. Galerne, and T. Hurtut
  • Image-based Tree Variations (CGF)
    Oscar Argudo, Carlos Andújar, and Antoni Chica
Eurographics STARs 2: Multifragment Rendering
Chair: Andreas Vasilakis
  • A Survey of Multifragment Rendering
    Andreas-Alexandros Vasilakis, Konstantinos Vardis, Georgios Papaioannou
Eurographics Short Papers 1: Rendering I
Chair: Ricardo Marroquim
  • Accelerated Foveated Rendering based on Adaptive Geometric Tessellation
    Ankur Tiwary, Ramanathan Muthuganapathy , Jiri Kosinka
  • Photon Mapping Superluminal Particles
    Gustaf Waldemarson,Michael Doggett
  • Controllable Caustic Animation Using Vector Fields
    Irene Baeza Rojo, Markus Gross , Tobias Günther
  • Conservative Ray Batching using Geometry Proxies
    Molenaar Mathijs, Eisemann Elmar
Eurovis Full Papers 2: Dimension Reduction and Projection
Chair: Cagatay Turkay
  • Visualizing the Stability of 2D Point Sets from Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
    Christian Reinbold, Alexander Kumpf, Rüdiger Westermann
  • Towards a Quantitative Survey of Dimension Reduction Techniques
    Mateus Espadoto, Rafael M. Martins, Andreas Kerren, Nina S. T. Hirata, Alexandru C. Telea
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Time-Dependent Multidimensional Projection Techniques
    Eduardo Faccin Vernier, Rafael Garcia, Iron Prando da Silva, João Comba, prof. Alexandru Telea
  • Honorable Mention Phase Space Projection of Dynamical Systems
    Nemanja Bartolovic, Markus Gross, Tobias Günther
Eurovis Short Papers 1: Analytics and Evaluation
Chair: Michael Behrisch
  • The Effect of Graph Layout on the Perception of Graph Properties
    Elektra Kypridemou, Michele Zito, Marco Bertamini
  • Exploring Time Series Segmentations Using Uncertainty and Focus+Context Techniques
    Christian Bors, Christian Eichner, Theresia Gschwandtner, Silvia Miksch, Christian Tominski, Heidrun Schumann
  • SAMBAVis: Design Study of a Visual Analytics Tool for the Music Industry Powered by YouTube Comments
    Victor Adriel de Jesus Oliveira, Christina Stoiber, Johanna Grüblbauer, Christoph Musik, Alexis Ringot, Andreas Gebesmair
  • Configuration Finder: A Tidy Visual Interface for Effective Faceted Search
    Patrick Riehmann, Andreas Schädler, Jannis Harder, Jakob Herpel, Bernd Froehlich
  • Honorable Mention ARGUS: Interactive Visual Analytics Framework for the Discovery of Disruptions in Bio-Behavioral Rhythms
    Hamid Mansoor, Walter Gerych, Luke Buquicchio, Abdulaziz Alajaji, Kavin Chandrasekaran, Emmanuel Agu, Elke Rundensteiner
  • Design of a Real Time Visual Analytics Support Tool for Conflict Detection and Resolution in Air Traffic Control
    Elmira Zohrevandi, Carl A. L. Westin, Jonas Lundberg, Anders Ynnerman
  • Best Short Paper Dissecting Visual Analytics: Comparing Frameworks for Interpreting and Modelling Observed Visual Analytics Behavior
    Vanessa Brown, Cagatay Turkay, Radu Jianu
  • Examining Design-Centric Test Participants in Graphical Perception Experiments
    Grace Guo, Bianchi Dy, Nazim Ibrahim, Sam Joyce, Ate Poorthuis
Eurovis STARs 1: Maps
Chair: Wouter Meulemans
  • A Survey on Transit Map Layout – from Design, Machine, and Human Perspectives
    Hsiang-Yun Wu, Benjamin Niedermann, Shigeo Takahashi, Maxwell J. Roberts, and Martin Nöllenburg
  • The State of the Art in Map-Like Visualization
    Marius Hogräfer, Magnus Heitzler, and Hans-Jörg Schulz
13:30 - 15:00 (Tuesday)
Industrial Keynote 1: AI+Computer Graphics: The Neural Revolution in Image Synthesis
David Luebke
Chair: Jonas Unger
Keynote 1: Mapping the Stars: From Drawings to Virtual Flights of the Cosmos
Jackie Faherty
Chair: Ivan Viola
15:30 - 17:00 (Tuesday)
Eurographics Full Papers 5: Deep Learning for Rendering
Chair: Tobias Ritschel
  • Spherical Gaussian Light-field Textures for Fast Precomputed Global Illumination
    Roc Ramon Currius, Dan Dolonius, Ulf Assarsson, and Erik Sintorn
  • Neural Temporal Adaptive Sampling and Denoising
    Jon Hasselgren, Jacob Munkberg, Marco Salvi, Anjul Patney, and Aaron Lefohn
  • DeepBRDF: A Deep Representation for Manipulating Measured BRDF
    Bingyang Hu, Jie Guo, Yanjun Chen, Mengtian Li, and Yanwen Guo
  • Unified Neural Encoding of BTFs
    Gilles Rainer, Abhijeet Ghosh, Wenzel Jakob, and Tim Weyric
Eurographics Full Papers 6: Geometry Processing
Chair: Pierre Alliez
  • Honorable Mention Combinatorial Construction of Seamless Parameter Domains
    Jiaran Zhou, Changhe Tu, Denis Zorin, and Marcel Campen
  • Greedy Cut Construction for Parameterizations
    Tianyu Zhu, Chunyang Ye, Shuangming Chai, and Xiao-Ming Fu
  • Locally Supported Tangential Vector, n-Vector, and Tensor Fields
    Ahmad Nasikun, Christopher Brandt, and Klaus Hildebrandt
  • Efficient Homology-Preserving simplification of high-dimensional simplicial shapes (CGF)
    Riccardo Fellegara, Federico Iuricich, Leila De Floriani, Ulderico Fugacci
Eurographics STARs 3: Generative Models
Chair: Siddhartha Chaudhuri
  • Learning Generative Models of 3D Structures
    Siddhartha Chaudhuri, Daniel Ritchie, Jiajun Wu, Kai Xu, Hao Zhang
Eurographics Short Papers 2: Rendering II + Shape
Chair: Gurprit Singh
  • Compression and Real-time Rendering of Inward Spherical Light Fields
    Saghi Hajisharif, Ehsan Miandji, Gabriel George Baravadish, Per Larsson, Jonas Unger
  • Multisample anti-aliasing in deferred rendering
    András Fridvalszky,Tóth Balázs
  • On Learning the Best Local Balancing Strategy
    David Murray, Sofiane Benzait, Romain Pacanowski, Xavier Granier
  • MEPP2: a generic platform for processing 3D meshes and point clouds
    Vincent Vidal, Eric Lombardi, Martial Tola, Florent Dupont, Guillaume Lavoué
Eurovis Full Papers 3: Applications
Chair: Daniel Keim
  • VA-TRAC: Geospatial Trajectory Analysis for Monitoring Identificationand Verification in Fishing Vessel Operations
    Syver Storm-Furru, Stefan Bruckner
  • Orchard: Exploring Multivariate Heterogeneous Networks on Mobile Phones
    Philipp Eichmann, Darren Edge, Nathan Evans, Bongshin Lee, Matthew Brehmer, Christopher White
  • Ocupado: Visualizing Location-Based Counts Over Time Across Buildings
    Michael Oppermann, Tamara Munzner
  • A Visual Analytics Approach to Facilitate Crime Hotspot Analysis
    José Florencio de Queiroz Neto, Emanuele Santos, Creto Augusto Vidal, David Ebert
Eurovis Full Papers 4: Volumes
Chair: Klaus Mueller
  • CPU Ray Tracing of Tree-based Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data
    Feng Wang, Nathan Marshak, Will Usher, Carsten Burstedde, Aaron Knoll, Timo Heister, Chris R. Johnson
  • Knowledge-Assisted Comparative Assessment of Breast Cancer using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Kai Nie, Pascal A Baltzer, Bernhard Preim, Gabriel Mistelbauer
  • Hairy Slices II: Depth Cues for Visualizing 3D Streamlines Through Cutting Planes
    Andrew Stevens, Colin Ware, Thomas Butkiewicz, David Rogers, and Greg Abram
  • Representative Isovalue Detection and Isosurface Segmentation Using Novel Isosurface Measures
    Cuilan Wang
Eurovis Short Papers 2: Color, Design, and Perception
Chair: Johanna Beyer
  • Designing Pairs of Colormaps for Visualizing Bivariate Scalar Fields
    Colin Ware, Francesca Samsel, David Rogers, Paul Navratil, Ayat Mohammed
  • Interactive Creation of Perceptually Uniform Color Maps
    Martin Lambers
  • Task-based Colormap Design Supporting Visual Comprehension in Process Tomography
    Yuchong Zhang, Morten Fjeld, Alan Said, Marco Fratarcangeli
  • Honorable Mention Investigating the Role of Locus of Control in Moderating Complex Analytic Workflows
    R. Jordan Crouser, Alvitta Ottley, Kendra Swanson, Ananda Montoly
  • Exploring Design Opportunities for Visually Congruent Proxemics in Information Visualization: A Design Space
    Neil Chulpongsatorn, Jackie Yu, Søren Knudsen
  • Characterizing Exploratory Behaviors on a Personal Visualization Interface Using Interaction Logs
    Poorna Talkad Sukumar, Gonzalo Martinez, Ted Grover, Gloria Mark, Sidney D'Mello, Nitesh V Chawla, Stephen M Mattingly, Aaron
  • TopoLines: Topological Smoothing for Line Charts
    Paul Rosen, Ashley Suh, Christopher Salgado, Mustafa Hajij
  • Evaluating Strategies of Exploratory Visual Data Analysis in Multi Device Environments
    Abeer Alsaiari, Jillian Aurisano, Andrew Johnson
Eurovis STARs 2: Privacy and User Differences
Chair: Kristi Potter
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Visualization: Reflections on the State of the Art and Research Opportunities
    Kaustav Bhattacharjee, Min Chen, and Aritra Dasgupta
  • Survey on Individual Differences in Visualization
    Zhengliang Liu, R. Jordan Crouser and Alvitta Ottley
17:15 - 18:15 (Tuesday)
Ola Rosling
Chair: Anders Ynnerman
18:30 - 20:00 (Tuesday)
Eurographics Tutorials 1: Black Box Geometric Computing with Python: From Theory to Practice
Chair: Sebastian Koch
  • Machine Learning with CAD Data
    Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
  • Q&A
18:30 - 20:30 (Tuesday)

Wednesday, May 27

09:00 - 10:30 (Wednesday)
Eurographics Full Papers 7: Faces
Chair: Justus Thies
  • Expression Packing: As-Few-As-Possible Training Expressions for Blendshape Transfer
    Emma Carrigan, Eduard Zell, Cedric Guiard, and Rachel McDonnell
  • Facial Expression Synthesis using a Global-Local Multilinear Framework
    Mengjiao Wang, Derek Bradley, Stefanos Zafeiriou, and Thabo Beeler
  • RAS: A Data-driven Rigidity-Aware Skinning Model for 3D Facial Animation (CGF)
    S-L. Liu Y. Liu L-F. Dong X. Tong
  • Fast Nonlinear Least Squares Optimization of Large-Scale Semi-Sparse Problems
    Marco Fratarcangeli, Derek Bradley, Aurel Gruber, Gaspard Zoss, and Thabo Beeler
Eurographics Full Papers 8: Optimizing Structures, Layouts, and Interaction
Chair: Paolo Cignoni
  • Invertible Paradoxic Loop Structures for Transformable Design
    Zijia Li, Georg Nawratil, Florian Rist, and Michael Hensel
  • Interactive Modeling of Cellular Structures on Surfaces with Application to Additive Manufacturing
    Pascal Stadlbauer, Daniel Mlakar, Hans-Peter Seidel, Markus Steinberger, and Rhaleb Zayer
  • Illumination-Guided Furniture Layout Optimization
    Nick Vitsas, Georgios Papaioannou, Anastasios Gkaravelis, and Andreas-Alexandros Vasilakis
  • Context-Aware Mixed Reality: A Learning-based Framework for Semantic-level Interaction (CGF)
    L. Chen W. Tang N. W. John T. R. Wan J. J. Zhang
Eurographics EDU 1: Teaching Computer Graphics
Chair: Andreas Vasilakis
  • Rayground: An Online Educational Tool for Ray Tracing
    Nick Vitsas, Anastasios Gkaravelis, Andreas-Alexandros Vasilakis, Konstantinos Vardis, and Georgios Papaioannou
  • Designing a Course on Non-Photorealistic Rendering
    Ivaylo Ilinkin
  • Critical Thinking Sheet (CTS) for design thinking in programming courses
    Jonathan C. Roberts and Panagiotis D. Ritsos
Eurovis Full Papers 5: Visual Analytics for Problem Solving
Chair: Jörn Kohlhammer
  • WarehouseVis: A Visual Analytics Approach to Facilitating Warehouse Location Selection for Business Districts
    Quan Li, Qiangqiang Liu, Chungfeng Tang, Zhiwei Li, Shuaichao Wei, Xianrui Peng, Minghua Zheng, Tianjian Chen, Qiang Yang,
  • Resolving Conflicting Insights in Asynchronous and Remote Collaborative Visual Analysis
    Kelvin Li, Shenyu Xu, Chris Ye, Kwan-Liu Ma
  • SeqDynamics: Visual Analytics for Evaluating Online Problem-solving Dynamics
    Meng Xia, Min XU, Chuan-en Lin, Ta-ying Cheng, Huamin Qu, Xiaojuan Ma
  • SEEVis: A Smart Emergency Evacuation Plan Visualization System with Data- Driven Shot Design
    Quan Li, Yingjie Liu, Li Chen, Xingchao Yang, Yi Peng, Xiaoru Yuan, Maddegedara Lalith Lakshman Wijerathne
Eurovis Short Papers 3: Representation, Perception, and Machine Learning
Chair: Rafael M. Martins
  • Influence of Container Resolutions on the Layout Stability of Squarified and Slice- And-Dice Treemaps
    Volker Knauthe, Kathrin Ballweg, Marcel Wunderlich, Tatiana von Landesberger, Stefan Guthe
  • Width-Scale Bar Charts for Data with Large Value Range
    M. Höhn, M. Wunderlich, K. Ballweg, T. v. Landesberger
  • A Force-Directed Power Diagram Approach for Interactive Voronoi Treemaps
    Ala Abuthawabeh, Michaël Aupetit
  • Fast Design Space Rendering of Scatterplots
    Simo Santala, Antti Oulasvirta, Tino Weinkauf
  • Glyph-Based Visualization of Affective States
    Nikola Kovacevic, Rafael Wampfler, Barbara Solenthaler, Markus Gross, Tobias Günther
  • GaCoVi: A Correlation Visualization to Support Interpretability-Aware Feature Selection for Regression Models
    Diego Rojo, Nyi Nyi Htun, Katrien Verbert
  • Progressive Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection
    Hyung-Kwon Ko, Jaemin Jo, Jinwook Seo
Eurovis STARs 3: Visual Analysis & Health
Chair: Steffen Oeltze-Jafra
  • A Survey of Visual Analytics in Public Health (CGF)
    Bernhard Preim, Kai Lawonn
11:00 - 12:30 (Wednesday)
Eurographics Full Papers 9: Meshes and Subdivision
Chair: Marcel Campen
  • Polygon Laplacian Made Simple
    Astrid Bunge, Philipp Herholz, Misha Kazhdan, and Mario Botsch
  • Spectral Mesh Simplification
    Thibault Lescoat, Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu, Jean-Marc Thiery, Alec Jacobson, Tamy Boubekeur, and Maks Ovsjanikov
  • Fast and Robust QEF Minimization using Probabilistic Quadrics
    Philip Trettner and Leif Kobbelt
  • Günter Enderle Award (Best Paper) Subdivision-Specialized Linear Algebra Kernels for Static and Dynamic Mesh Connectivity on the GPU
    Daniel Mlakar, Martin Winter, Pascal Stadlbauer, Hans-Peter Seidel, Markus Steinberger, and Rhaleb Zayer
Eurographics Full Papers 10: Ray Tracing and Global Illumination
Chair: Erik Sintorn
  • Stratified Markov Chain Monte Carlo Light Transport
    Adrien Gruson, Rex West, and Toshiya Hachisuka
  • Honorable Mention An Efficient Transport Estimator for Complex Layered Materials
    Luis E. Gamboa, Adrien Gruson, and Derek Nowrouzezahrai
  • RayCaching: Amortised Isosurface Rendering for Virtual Reality (CGF)
    Fredrik Nysjö, Filip Malmberg, Ingela Nyström
  • Spectral Mollification for Bidirectional Fluorescence
    Alisa Jung, Johannes Hanika, and Carsten Dachsbacher
Eurographics STARs 4: Automatic 3D Reconstruction
Chair: Gianni Pintore
  • State-of-the-Art in Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Structured Indoor Environments
    Gianni Pintore, Mura Claudio, Renato Pajarola, Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Ganovelli, Lizeth Joseline
Eurographics EDU 2: Student works and CGEMS
Chair: Eike Anderson
  • Asset Integration: An Exceptional Undergraduate Student Project
    Adam Redford
  • Recreating Past and Present: An Exceptional Student-Created Virtual Heritage Experience
    Eike Falk Anderson and Susan Sloan
  • CGEMS –Distance and In Isolation Computer Graphics Education
    Eike Falk Anderson and Christopher Peters
Eurovis Full Papers 6: Interaction and Storytelling
Chair: Manuela Waldner
  • Short-contact Touch-Manipulation of Scatterplot Matrices on Wall Displays
    Patrick Riehmann, Gabriela Molina León, Joshua Reibert, Florian Echtler, and Bernd Fröhlich
  • Structure and Empathy in Visual Data Storytelling: Evaluating their influence on Attitude
    Johannes Liem, Charles Perin, and Jo Wood
  • Co-creating Visualizations: A First Evaluation with Social Science Researchers
    Gabriela Molina León and Andreas Breiter
Eurovis Full Papers 7: Topology
Chair: Tobias Günther
  • Extraction of Distinguished Hyperbolic Trajectories for 2D Time-Dependent Vector Field Topology
    Lutz Hofmann, Filip Sadlo
  • Fiber Surfaces for many Variables
    Christian Blecha Felix Raith, Arne Jonas Präger, Thomas Nagel, Olaf Kolditz, Jobst Maßmann, Niklas Röber, Michael Böttinger, Prof. Dr. Gerik Scheuermann
  • Visual Analysis of the Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponent
    Toni Sagristà Sellés, Stefan Jordan, Filip Sadlo
  • Fuzzy Contour Trees: Alignment and Joint Layout of Multiple Contour Trees
    Anna-Pia Lohfink, Florian Wetzels, Jonas Lukasczyk, Gunther H Weber, Christoph Garth
Eurovis Short Papers 4: Rendering, Images, and Applications
Chair: Barbora Kozlikova
  • Sketchy Rendering to Aid the Recollection of Regular Visualizations
    Michael Reidun Engelbrecht Larsen, Wenkai Han, Hans-Jörg Schulz
  • Progressive Rendering of Transparent Integral Surfaces
    Xingze Tian, Tobias Günther
  • Effective Visualization of Sparse Image-to-Image Correspondences
    Carlos Andujar, Antonio Chica, Marc Comino
  • Joint-Sphere: Intuitive and Detailed Human Joint Motion Representation
    Seonghun Kim, Adithya Balasubramanyam, Dubeom Kim, Youngho Chai, Ashok Kumar Patil
  • MODELAR: A MODular and EvaLuative framework to improve surgical Augmented Reality visualization
    Georges Hattab, Felix Meyer, Remke Albrecht, Stefanie Speidel
  • Comprehensive Visualization of Longitudinal Patient Data for the Dermatological Oncological Tumor Board
    Nastasja Steinhauer, Marc Hoerbrugger, Andreas Braun, Thomas Tüting, Steffen Oeltze-Jafra, Juliane Müller
  • RankBooster: Visual Analysis of Ranking Predictions
    Abishek Puri, Bon Kyung Ku, Yong Wang, Huamin Qu
  • Visualising collocation for close writing
    Jonathan Roberts, Peter Butcher, Geraint Rees, Robert Lew, Nirwan Sharma, Ana Frankenberg-Garcia
Eurovis STARs 4: Trust and Provenance
Chair: Cagatay Turkay
  • The State of the Art in Enhancing Trust in Machine Learning Models with the Use of Visualizations
    Angelos Chatzimparmpas, Rafael M. Martins, Ilir Jusufi, Kostiantyn Kucher, Fabrice Rossi and Andreas Kerren
  • Survey on the Analysis of User Interactions and Visualization Provenance
    Kai Xu, Alvitta Ottley, Conny Walchshofer, Marc Streit, Remco Chang and John Wenskovitch
13:30 - 15:00 (Wednesday)
Industrial Keynote 2: The Art of Intel’s Advanced Ray Tracing
James L. Jeffers, Intel
Chair: Felicia Lai Jakobsson
Keynote 2: Understanding Visual Appearance from Micron to Global Scale
Kavita Bala
Chair: Ulf Assarsson
15:30 - 17:00 (Wednesday)
Eurographics Short Papers 3: Modelling - Shape
Chair: Marco Livesu
  • First Order Signed Distance Fields
    Róbert Bán, Gábor Valasek
  • Learning Body Shape and Pose from Dense Correspondences
    Yusuke Yoshiyasu , Lucas Gamez
  • Adversarial Generation of Continuous Implicit Shape Representations
    Marian Kleineberg , Matthias Fey , Frank Weichert
  • Space-Time Blending for Heterogeneous objects
    Alexander Tereshin, Eike Anderson, Alexander Pasko, Valery Adzhiev
Eurographics STARs 5: Neural Rendering
Chair: Michael Zollhöfer
  • State-of-the-Art on Neural Rendering
    Michael Zollhöfer, Ayush Tewari, Jun-Yan Zhu, Vincent Sitzmann, Sean Fanello, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Justus Thies, Ohad Fried
Eurographics EDU 3: Visualization Literacy
Chair: Mario Romero
  • Treemap Literacy: A Classroom-Based Investigation
    Elif E. Firat, Alena Denisova, and Robert S. Laramee
  • Panel - Visualization for Data Scientists: How specific is it?
    Eytan Adar, Polo Chau, Min Chen, Daniela Oelke, Presenters: Beatriz Sousa Santos, Adam Perer
Diversity Event: Diversity Panel
Chair: Céline Loscos
  • Introduction
    Céline Loscos
  • Evolution of Women's presence at SIGGRAPH conferences
    Diana Arellano
  • Representation of Female Researches and Authors at the IEEE VR Conference
    Amela Sadagic
  • ACM SIGGRAPH's Journey towards an Inclusive Community
    Tony Baylis
Eurovis Full Papers 8: User-Centered Design and Interaction
Chair: Jason Dykes
  • Understanding the Design Space and Authoring Paradigms for Animated Data Graphics
    John R Thompson, Zhicheng Liu, Wilmot Li, John Stasko
  • VisuaLint: Sketchy In Situ Annotations of Chart Construction Errors
    Aspen K Hopkins, Michael Correll, Arvind Satyanarayan
  • Exploring the Effects of Aggregation Choices on Untrained Users’ Generalizations from Data
    Francis Nguyen, Xiaotuo Qiao, Jeffrey Heer, Jessica Hullman
  • Many at Once: Capturing Intentions to Create And Use Many Views At Once In Large Display Environments
    Jillian Aurisano, Abhinav Kumar, Abeer Alsaiari, Barbara Di Eugenio, Dr Andrew E Johnson
Eurovis Full Papers 9: Space and Time
Chair: David Laidlaw
  • Memento: Localized Time Warping for Spatio-Temporal Selection
    Veronika Šoltészová, Noeska Natasja Smit, Sergej Stoppel, Renate Grüner, Stefan Bruckner
  • Honorable Mention LOCALIS: Locally-adaptive Line Simplification for GPU-based Geographic Vector Data Visualization
    Alireza Amiraghdam, Alexandra Diehl, Renato Pajarola
  • Data Comets: Designing a Visualization Tool for Analyzing Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Logs with Grounded Evaluation
    David Saffo, Aristotelis Leventidis, Twinkle Jain, Michelle A. Borkin, Cody Dunne
  • GTMapLens: Interactive Lens for Geo-Text Data Browsing on Map
    Chao Ma, Ye Zhao, Shamal AL-Dohuki, Jing Yang, Xinyue Ye, Farah Kamw, Md Amiruzzaman
Eurovis STARs 5: Flow Visualization
Chair: Holger Theisel
  • Survey of Seed Placement and Streamline Selection Techniques
    Sudhanshu Sane, Roxana Bujack, Christoph Garth and Hank Childs
  • State of the Art in Time-Dependent Flow Topology: Interpreting Physical Meaningfulness Through Mathematical Properties
    Roxana Bujack, Lin Yan, Ingrid Hotz, Christoph Garth and Bei Wang
17:15 - 19:00 (Wednesday)
Posters Event
  • A Web-based Visual Analytics Application for Biological Networks
    Michael Krone
  • A tool to help lay out Multiple View Visualisations guided by view analysis
    Hayder Al-maneea
  • Visual Analysis of the Traffic Reimbursement Data for the Overtime
    Qiangqiang Liu
  • A Tool for N-way Analysis of Programming Exercises
    Carlos Andujar
  • Best Poster Evaluation of Mesh Compression and GPU Ray Casting for Tree Based AMR data in VTK
    Antoine Roche
  • Data Driven Multi-Hazard Risk Visualization
    Ritesh Sharma
  • ResFlow: Visualizing Global Resource Flows
    Carlo Navarra
  • Accurate Visualization of Galaxy Velocity Fields from Three-Dimensional Integral Field Spectroscopy Data
    Rikuo Uchiki
  • Rockwell adhesion test - Approach to standard modernization
    Damjan Hatic
  • Designing Effective Network Visualization Representations of Disinformation Operations – Improving DisInfoVis
    Alexandra Pavliuc
  • The Impact of EuroVis Publications
    Lucy Smith
  • An end-to-end framework for 3D capture and human digitization with a single RGB camera
    Luiz Schirmer
  • Fabric Appearance Benchmark
    Sebastian Merzbach
  • Streamlining Photogrammetry Reconstructions of Bone Fragments for Bioarchaeological Analysis, Conservation, and Public Engagement
    Adam Redford
  • Integrating Local Collision Avoidance with Shortest Path Maps
    Renato Farias
  • GPU-Accelerated Generation of the Molecular Surface
    Mousa Alhazzazi
17:30 - 19:00 (Wednesday)
Eurovis Full Papers 10: Machine Learning
Chair: Hendrik Strobbelt
  • QUESTO: Interactive Construction of Objective Functions for Classification Tasks
    Subhajit Das, Shenyu Xu, Michael Gleicher, Remco Chang, and Alex Endert
  • Best Paper Peax: Interactive Visual Pattern Search in Sequential Data Using Unsupervised Deep Representation Learning
    Fritz Lekschas, Brant Peterson, Daniel Haehn, Eric Ma, Nils Gehlenborg, and Hanspeter Pfister
  • Boxer: Interactive Comparison of Classifier Results
    Michael Gleicher, Aditya Barve, Xinyi Yu, and Florian Heimerl
  • Classifier-Guided Visual Correction of Noisy Labels for Image Classification Tasks
    Alex Bäuerle, Heiko Neumann, and Timo Ropinski
18:30 - 20:00 (Wednesday)
Eurographics Tutorials 1: Black Box Geometric Computing with Python: From Theory to Practice
Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
Chair: Sebastian Koch
  • Meshing and Analysis
    Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion
    Sebastian Koch, Teseo Schneider, Daniele Panozzo
  • Q&A
19:15 - 20:30 (Wednesday)

Thursday, May 28

09:00 - 10:30 (Thursday)
Eurographics Full Papers 11: Optimization for Fabrication
Chair: Jonas Martinez
  • Fast and Robust Stochastic Structural Optimization
    Qiaodong Cui, Timothy Langlois, Pradeep Sen, and Theodore Kim
  • Computational Design and Optimization of Non-Circular Gears
    Hao Xu, Tianwen Fu, Peng Song, Mingjun Zhou, Chi-Wing Fu, and Niloy J. Mitra
  • Designing Robotically-Constructed Metal Frame Structures
    Zhao Ma, Alexander Walzer, Christian Schumacher, Romana Rust, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, and Moritz Bächer
  • Optimizing Object Decomposition to Reduce Visual Artifacts in 3D Printing
    Irene Filoscia, Thomas Alderighi, Daniela Giorgi, Luigi Malomo, Marco Callieri, and Paolo Cignoni
Eurographics Full Papers 12: Images and Videos
Chair: Céline Loscos
  • Prefilters for Sharp Image Display
    Luís Cláudio Gouveia Rocha, Manuel M. Oliveira, and Eduardo S. L. Gastal
  • RGB2AO: Ambient Occlusion Generation from RGB Images
    Naoto Inoue, Daichi Ito, Yannick Hold-Geoffroy, Long Mai, Brian Price, and Toshihiko Yamasaki
  • Single Sensor Compressive Light Field Video Camera
    Saghi Hajisharif, Ehsan Miandji, Christine Guillemot, and Jonas Unger
  • Accurate Real-time 3D Gaze Tracking Using a Lightweight Eyeball Calibration
    Quan Wen, Derek Bradley, Thabo Beeler, Seonwook Park, Otmar Hilliges, Jun-Hai Yong, and Feng Xu
Eurographics Short Papers 4: Modelling - Appearance
Chair: Derek Liu
  • Neural Smoke Stylization with Color Transfer
    Fabienne Christen, Byungsoo Kim, Vinicius C. Azevedo, Barbara Solenthaler
  • Triplanar Displacement Mapping for Terrain Rendering
    Sebastian Weiss, Florian Bayer, Rüdiger Wesermann
  • A Practical Male Hair Aging Model
    Diego Volkmann, Marcelo Walter
  • UV Completion with Self-referenced Discrimination
    Jiwoo Kang, Seongmin Lee, Sanghoon Lee
Eurographics STARs 6: Acquiring the Optical Properties
Chair: Jeppe Revall Frisvad
  • Survey of Models for Acquiring the Optical Properties of Translucent Materials
    Jeppe Revall Frisvad, Søren Alkærsig Jensen, Jonas Skovlund Madsen, António Correia, Li Yang, Søren K. S. Gregersen, Youri Meuret, Poul-Erik Hansen
  • Optical properties of translucent materials
    Jeppe Revall Frisvad
  • Discussion of appearance specification, Q&A
  • Model classification
    Jeppe Revall Frisvad
  • Discussion of models overview and marker system, Q&A
  • Measurement setups
    Søren Alkærsig Jensen
  • Q&A
  • 3D objects
    Søren K. S. Gregersen
  • Q&A
  • Forward and inverse radiometric models
    António Correia, Youri Meuret, Li Yang
  • Q&A
  • Field models
    Poul-Erik Hansen, Jonas Skovlund Madsen
  • Q&A
  • Closing remarks
    Jeppe Revall Frisvad
Eurovis Full Papers 11: Graphs and Charts
Chair: Fabian Beck
  • Sublinear Time Force Computation for Big Complex Network Visualization
    Amyra Meidiana, Seok-Hee Hong, Marnijati Torkel, Shijun Cai, Peter Eades
  • Honorable Mention Infomages: Embedding Data into Thematic Images
    Darius Coelho, Klaus Mueller
  • Canis: A High-level Language for Data-Driven Chart Animations
    Tong Ge, Yue Zhao, Bongshin Lee, Donghao Ren, Baoquan Chen, Yunhai Wang
  • Visualizing Dynamics of Urban Regions Through a Geo-Semantic Graph Based Method
    Yunzhe Wang, George Baciu, Chenhui Li
11:00 - 12:30 (Thursday)
Eurographics Full Papers 13: Synthesizing Gestures, Motion, and Interactions
Chair: Marco Fratarcangeli
  • Honorable Mention Style-Controllable Speech-Driven Gesture Synthesis Using Normalising Flows
    Simon Alexanderson, Gustav Eje Henter, Taras Kucherenko, and Jonas Beskow
  • Synthesizing Character Animation with Smoothly Decomposed Motion Layers (CGF)
    Haegwang Eom, Byungkuk Choi, Kyungmin Cho, Sunjin Jung, Seokpyo Hong and Junyong Noh
  • Motion Retargetting based on Dilated Convolutions and Skeleton-Specific Loss Functions
    SangBin Kim, Inbum Park, Seongsu Kwon, and JungHyun Han
  • Detection and Synthesis of Full-Body Environment Interactions for Virtual Humans (CGF)
    A. Juarez-Perez and M. Kallmann
Eurographics Full Papers 14: Spatial Queries
Chair: Teseo Schneider
  • Binary Ostensibly-Implicit Trees for Fast Collision Detection
    Floyd M. Chitalu, Christophe Dubach, and Taku Komura
  • Real-time Anticipation of Occlusions for Automated Camera Control in Toric Space
    Ludovic Burg, Christophe Lino, and Marc Christie
  • Efficient Minimum Distance Computation for Solids of Revolution
    Sang-Hyun Son, Seung-Hyun Yoon, Myung-Soo Kim, and Gershon Elber
  • Segment Tracing Using Local Lipschitz Bounds
    Eric Galin, Eric Guérin, Axel Paris, and Adrien Peytavie
Eurographics Short Papers 5: Modelling - Simulation - Visualization
Chair: Carlo Harvey
  • Frequency-Aware Reconstruction of Fluid Simulations with Generative Networks
    Simon Biland, Vinicius Azevedo, Byungsoo Kim, Solenthaler Barbara
  • Procedural 3D Asteroid Surface Details Synthesis
    Xizhi Li , Rene Weller, Gabriel Zachmann
  • Interactive Assembly and Animation of 3D Digital Garments
    Pontus Pall, Oskar Nylèn, Yuko Ishiwaka, Suda Kazuto, Marco Fratarcangeli
  • ScagnosticsJS: Extended Scatterplot Visual Features for the Web
    Vung Pham, Tommy Dang
Eurographics STARs 7: Sketch Based Content
Chair: Sukanya Bhattacharjee
  • A Survey on Sketch Based Content Creation: from the Desktop to Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Sukanya Bhattacharjee, Parag Chaudhuri
Eurovis Full Papers 12: Visualization Applications and Machine Learning
Chair: Timo Ropinski
  • DRLViz: Understanding Decisions and Memory in Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Theo Jaunet, Romain Vuillemot, Christian Wolf
  • MotionGlyphs: Visual Abstraction of Spatio-Temporal Networks in Collective Animal Behavior
    Eren Cakmak, Hanna Schaefer, Juri Buchmuller, Johannes Fuchs, Tobias Schreck, Alex Jordan, Daniel Keim
  • Reading Traces: Scalable Exploration in Elastic Visualizations of Cultural Heritage Data
    Mark-Jan Bludau, Viktoria Brüggemann, Anna Busch, Marian Dörk
  • Bombalytics: Visualization of Competition and Collaboration Strategies of Players in a Bomb Laying Game
    Shivam Agarwal, Günter Wallner, Fabian Beck
Eurovis Full Papers 13: Vectors and Tensors
Chair: Markus Hadwiger
  • PAVED: Pareto Front Visualization for Engineering Design
    Lena Cibulski, Hubert Mitterhofer, Thorsten May, Jörn Kohlhammer
  • A Globally Conforming Lattice Structure for 2D Stress Tensor Visualization
    Junpeng Wang, Jun Wu, Rüdiger Westermann
  • Feature Driven Combination of Animated Vector Field Visualizations
    María Jesús Lobo, Alexandru Telea, Christophe Hurter
  • Autonomous Particles for Interactive Flow Visualization
    Wito Engelke, Kai Lawonn, Bernhard Preim, Ingrid Hotz
12:30 - 13:30 (Thursday)
Women's Lunch
Chairs: Céline Losco, Amela Sadagic
13:30 - 15:00 (Thursday)
Industrial Keynote 3: The Globe in 3D - a High Resolution Digital Twin of the Entire Earth
Leif Haglund, Vricon
Chair: Anders Carlsson
Keynote 3: Towards Usability, Transparency, and Trust for Data-Intensive Computations
Juliana Freire
Chair: Michael Gleicher
15:30 - 17:00 (Thursday)
Eurographics Best Papers
Chair: Marco Tarini
  • Günter Enderle Award (Best Paper) Subdivision-Specialized Linear Algebra Kernels for Static and Dynamic Mesh Connectivity on the GPU
    Daniel Mlakar, Martin Winter, Pascal Stadlbauer, Hans-Peter Seidel, Markus Steinberger, and Rhaleb Zayer
  • Honorable Mention Combinatorial Construction of Seamless Parameter Domains
    Jiaran Zhou, Changhe Tu, Denis Zorin, and Marcel Campen
  • Honorable Mention An Efficient Transport Estimator for Complex Layered Materials
    Luis E. Gamboa, Adrien Gruson, and Derek Nowrouzezahrai
  • Honorable Mention Style-Controllable Speech-Driven Gesture Synthesis Using Normalising Flows
    Simon Alexanderson, Gustav Eje Henter, Taras Kucherenko, and Jonas Beskow
Eurovis Best Papers
Chair: Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg
  • Opening
    Tatiana Landesberger von Antburg
  • Best Paper Peax: Interactive Visual Pattern Search in Sequential Data Using Unsupervised Deep Representation Learning
    Fritz Lekschas, Brant Peterson, Daniel Haehn, Eric Ma, Nils Gehlenborg, and Hanspeter Pfister
  • Honorable Mention Phase Space Projection of Dynamical Systems
    Nemanja Bartolovic, Markus Gross, Tobias Günther
  • Honorable Mention Infomages: Embedding Data into Thematic Images
    Darius Coelho, Klaus Mueller
  • Honorable Mention LOCALIS: Locally-adaptive Line Simplification for GPU-based Geographic Vector Data Visualization
    Alireza Amiraghdam, Alexandra Diehl, Renato Pajarola
17:00 (Thursday)

Friday, May 29

13:30 - 15:00 (Friday)
Eurographics Full Papers 15: Shape Collections
Chair: Roi Poranne
  • SiamesePointNet: A Siamese Point Network Architecture for Learning 3D Shape Descriptor (CGF)
    J. Zhou M. J. Wang W. D. Mao M. L. Gong X. P. Liu
  • Effective Annotations over 3D Models (CGF)
    F. Ponchio M. Callieri M. Dellepiane R. Scopigno
  • Robust Shape Collection Matching and Correspondence from Shape Differences
    Aharon Cohen and Mirela Ben-Chen
  • FARM: Functional Automatic Registration Method for 3D Human Bodies (CGF)
    R. Marin S. Melzi E. Rodolà U. Castellani
Eurographics Full Papers 16: Simulations of Fractures, Skyscapes, and Dendritic Paintings
Chair: Jean-Marc Thiery
  • Displacement-Correlated XFEM for Simulating Brittle Fracture
    Floyd M. Chitalu, Qinghai Miao, Kartic Subr, and Taku Komura
  • Interactive Meso-Scale Simulation of Skyscapes
    Ulysse Vimont, James Gain, Maud Lastic, Guillaume Cordonnier, Babatunde Abiodun, and Marie-Paule Cani
  • Simulation of Dendritic Painting
    José A. Canabal, Miguel A. Otaduy, Byungmoon Kim, and Jose Echevarria
Eurographics Short Papers 6: Visualization/NPR
Chair: Johanna Schmidt
  • Deep-Eyes: Fully Automatic Anime Character Colorization with Painting of Details on Empty Pupils
    Kenta Akita, Yuki Morimoto, Reiji Tsuruno
  • Interactive Flat Coloring of Minimalist Neat Sketches
    Parakkat Amal Dev, Prudhviraj Madipally, Gowtham Harihara, Marie-Paule Cani
  • Pair Correlation Functions with Free-Form Boundaries for Distribution Inpainting and Decomposition
    Baptiste Nicolet, Pierre Ecormier-Nocca, Pooran Memari, Marie-Paule Cani
  • Organic Narrative Charts
    Fabian Bolte, Stefan Bruckner
Eurovis Full Papers 14: Network Sets
Chair: Xiaoru Yuan
  • Metro Maps on Octilinear Grid Graphs
    Hannah Bast, Patrick Brosi, Sabine Storandt
  • Augmenting Node-Link Diagrams with Topographic Attribute Maps
    Reinhold Preiner, Johanna Schmidt, Katharina Krösl, Tobias Schreck, Gabriel Mistelbauer
  • Set Streams: Visual Exploration of Dynamic Overlapping Sets
    Shivam Agarwal, Fabian Beck
  • Quantitative Comparison of Time-Dependent Treemaps
    Eduardo Faccin Vernier, Max Sondag, João Comba, Bettina Speckmann, prof. Alexandru Telea, Kevin Verbeek
16:00 - 17:00 (Friday)
Keynote 4 / Capstone: Perception Driven Computational Shape Design
Alla Sheffer
Chair: Daniele Panozzo
17:00 (Friday)
Closing Ceremony
Chair: Anders Ynnerman