Partners and Sponsors

Partner / Exhibitor information

Demonstrate your company’s leadership position in computer graphics and visualization by becoming an EGEV2020 partner. The EGEV2020 sponsorship alternatives are designed with maximum return on investment in mind. Choose a sponsorship level and then con­figure your package by choosing items from the sponsorship list to the amount of points in question. In addition to the levels below, the regional innovation cluster Visual Sweden contributes with funding, as well as other national, regional and local entities. They will have some general visibility in the promotional material, the website and during the conference.

Sponsorship packages

                            Points                 Cost                    Booth size

Platinum            12 000                € 10 000            4×3 m

Gold                      6 000                €   5 000            2×3 m

Silver                    4 000                €   3 000            2×3 m

Bronze                 1 500                €   1 500            Table

Exhibitor, only

As exhibitor, only, you may choose a booth of desired size as indicated below. 

Exhibition booth

During the conference there will be a 3-day exhibition in the main hall in Louis De Geer Conference Centre. The Exhibition area is very flexible and conference participants will pass through it on entry to the conference and will mingle in this area during coffee breaks. Computer networking will be available. If higher electrical power or network bandwidth requirements are anticipated then these can be separately arranged at an additional cost. Larger stands can also be accommodated at commensurately higher cost to the exhibitor, hence many different arrangements can be provided to your company.

Size                    Cost                    Points               

Table                  €      500                500
2 x 3 m               €   1 000            1 000
4 x 3 m               €   2 000            2 000

Website promotion

All sponsoring companies will be mentioned on the conference web site, in the order of sponsorship points. All exhibitors will be listed on the web site.

Sponsorship items

Welcome reception and poster session (one only): 4000 points

The conference welcome reception will take place in the evening of Tuesday, May 24th, in the Louis de Geer Conference Centre. This is an excellent sponsorship opportunity as this is the established meeting place for first time attendees to make contacts and for previous attendees to renew old acquaintances. The event usually includes a theme to encourage attendee interactions at the ice breaker and throughout the conference. The welcome reception will also be associated with the main poster event, providing an excellent opportunity for after dinner mingling with drinks and discussions. The sponsor of this event shall receive the following benefits:

Signage Rights: In the conference welcome reception area signage will be restricted to that provided by the conference welcome reception sponsor. Signs indicating the location of the event will also prominently display the sponsor’s logo as will dinner and drinks vouchers.

Reception Passes: Your company may invite up to three additional representatives to attend the conference welcome reception.

Dome evening events (3 available): 3000 points

The special EGEV 2020 Dome Evening events will take place after the conference on three of the evenings. They will all be held in the Norrköping Visualization Center C, only a few minutes walk from the main conference area. The conference attendants will be provided with tickets to one of the shows, each of which consist of a welcome to the dome theatre in the pre-show area, a half-hour show in the dome theatre and after-show drinks in the main exhibition area. The sponsor of this event shall receive the following benefits:

Signage Rights: The Dome Evening signage will be restricted to that provided by the Dome Evening sponsor. Signage can be located in the main conference venue as well as at the centre and at the entrance to the event, and you also have the possibility to include a short presentation in the pre-show area before each show.

Dome Passes: Your company may invite up to three additional representatives to attend the Dome Evening event.

Fisheye logo: Your company’s logo will be displayed using a full width display across the dome screen before each show.

Conference dinner (one only): 5000 points

The conference dinner will be held on the evening of Thursday, May. 26th and provides an excellent sponsorship opportunity. The event will include entertainment, provided by local and national performers, well suited to the gala nature of the event. High-quality cuisine is provided for the conference dinner and the evening is considered the social highlight of the conference. The sponsor of this event shall receive the following benefits:

Signage Rights: At the conference dinner signage will be restricted to that provided by the conference dinner sponsor. Signage can be located in the main conference venue and in the dining room itself, as well as at the entrance to it.

Dinner Passes: Your company may invite up to three additional representatives to attend the conference dinner.

Printed menu cards and table decorations: There will be menu cards presenting the three-course dinner on the tables. As the Conference Dinner sponsor you will have your company’s logotype on the menu cards. Your company’s logotype will also be prominently featured in the table decorations placed on each dining table.

Coffee breaks (9 available): 1000 points

There will be 9 available coffee breaks during the conference. This is commonly one of the most appreciated moments and obvious meeting places during the days. Your company’s logotype will be prominently featured on the many coffee tables.

Friday morning recovery stand (one only): 3000 points

The general good nature of the conference dinner is often continued in nearby hostelries, sometimes until the small hours of the morning. Consequently some of the attendees are sometimes a little the worse for wear on the following morning. An amusing opportunity for sponsorship might be to provide a recovery stand on the morning after, offering soft drinks or water, together with mild medications for headaches and upset stomachs.
Please note that the taker of this stand needs to provide the full contents of the stand.

Student volunteers T-shirts (one only): 3000 points

For direct one-to-one exposure, this package offers a unique and collectable way of ensuring your company’s logo is seen at the Conference. All student volunteers (approx. 30) will wear a distinctive t-shirt. Your company’s logo and the EGEV2020 Conference logo will be printed on each shirt. And the students will surely wear the t-shirt long after the conference.

Logo or video on the monitor background (12 available): 1000 points

Your logo or company or product presentation will be seen on the displays during brakes between sessions and at lunchtime. These will attract the attention of attendees arriving at the lecture rooms some minutes before the session starts. It is a very effective way to get you and your message across. One slot is 20 seconds, and a maximum of 12 clips will be displayed in a non-stop loop. Only one slot per sponsor!

Prizes for the awards each: (2 x 4 best paper awards): 1000 points

Your company and your logo will be presented at the best paper awards show Friday May 27th and mentioned in the final conference program. For this category we also are open for special arrangements. Please contact the organizing committee for further discussions.

Poster/roll-up in conference area (10 available): 500 points

Single promotional poster, including sponsor’s logo, displayed in the conference area.

Lunch bag (1 available): 4000 points

Friday, May 27th, the attendees will be provided with a take-away lunch bag. It is a great opportunity for promotion of your brand. The bags should contain suitable cold food and non-alcoholic beverage, all provided by the sponsor in question.

NOTE: all promotional items to be produced and shipped to conference venue at the sponsor’s expense.

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