Guidelines for Presenters

As you will be aware the physical Eurographics/Eurovis conference has had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and all of the consequent issues with travel and congregation. As a result we have decided to continue with the conference in a virtual forum, using a combination of zoom for sessions and youtube streaming to the conference attendees.

In the sessions within which your paper is to be presented you will participate through a zoom session within which you will meet with the sessions chair and other presenters and participate in a Q&A after the presentation of your paper has been carried out through a pre-prepared video presentation.

Playback of the pre-prepared videos will be carried out by members of the conference organising staff, using VLC, from a central server at the University of Linköping.

For your paper to be part of this process we require that you prepare and submit a video presentation of your paper according to the submission guidelines listed below. It is important that you follow the instructions precisely. If any details are unclear then contact the video organisers for clarification.

Important Dates

May 10, 2020 Submission Deadline

* All deadlines are at 23:59 UTC

EGEV Video Organizers

Matt Cooper, Linköping University, Sweden

Alexander Bock, Linköping University, Sweden

For question concerning video submissions please contact the EGEV video organizers:

Submission Guidelines

Formatting Instructions

  1. Format —The video you prepare should be 1920×1080 non-interlaced video with stereo audio. The video should be compressed with the h264 codec and the audio should be uncompressed or losslessly compressed. We will reprocess audio with normalization and equalization so that all videos will be at the same level to avoid the need for the audience to change the audio level between presentations. The container format should be mp4 or avi. Do not heavily compress the video since clarity will be as important to you as it is to us. Try to keep the video under 1GB to ensure smooth playback during the sessions.
  2. Duration — to be determined by the papers chairs but leaving adequate time for questions.
  3. FilenamePaperNumber-PresenterName.mp4 or PaperNumber-PresenterName.avi
  4. Submission
    will be to a repository which is being set up at present.More information will be available shortly.
  5. Deadline —Submission of the video must be completed by Sunday the 10th of May. This is to allow time for the organisers to preprocess the audio streams of all the videos and to distribute and configure the systems for playback.
  6. Content —First: include a title slide at the beginning of the video. You are welcome to talk over it but ensure it is visible for long enough for the viewer to read at least the title of the paper.The exact style of presentation is largely up to the presenter of the paper but we suggest a combination of text slides, images, video clips and a voice-over (with or without the presenter being visible). These different materials can be intercut as the presenter wishes provided that the time limit (see above) is not exceeded. When recording audio please ensure that you use a good quality microphone, in a suitably quiet environment (computer fans are a notorious problem if recording directly to a computer) and record at a high sample rate (44/48kHz) and level to avoid poor quality or distortion problems in the audio. Don’t be afraid to use multiple takes to ensure a clear, concise description.Be aware that when reading from a script many presenters can sound a little ‘flat’ and monotone, so try to sound natural and as if you are making the text up as you go along even though it may be pre-prepared, written down and have been rehearsed to death.

Slide Template

Download the EGEV 2020 Powerpoint template file here.