Conference Venue

EGEV2020 will take place at Louis De Geer Konsert & Kongress located within the Industrial Landscape of Norrköping. The co-located events on Monday take place in Kåkenhus, a short walk upstream from the conference venue.

Co-located Events

The co-located events of EGEV2020 will take place in Kåkenhus. It is one of the main buildings of the Norrköping campus of Linköping University situated next to the river.

See here for a list of the events.

Wisdome Contest & Dome Shows

The co-located Wisdome Contest for storytelling of science in dome theatre for explorination as well as the Dome shows will take place in the Visualization Center C.


marks the various venue locations of EGEV 2020 within the Industrial Landscape in Norrköping.