Welcome to the joint conferences, Eurographics & Eurovis 2020

Norrköping, Sweden, May 25-29, 2020

For the first time the two conferences Eurographics and Eurovis (EGEV) will run together, as a single event.

The conference will be be held in a virtual forum using a video conferencing platform, and will be organized by the department of Media and Information Technology at the university of Linköping.

Going Virtual

EGEV2020 Goes Virtual

EGEV2020: And we’re out.

EGEV2020 has officially come to an end. The live streams have been closed.

Virtual Conference Hub

Virtual Conference Hub

The conference hub provides you with all the necessary information and links to the schedule, the live streams of all talks, social activities, and more.

Go to the virtual conference hub.

Virtual Conference Proceedings of EGEV2020

All papers presented at EGEV2020 can now be found in the EG Digital Library. This includes all co-located events as well as posters, STARs, and tutorials. Check out the links below or browse the conference program for direct links to the individual papers and paper tracks.

EG2020 @ Digital Library
Eurovis @ Digital Library

Note from the Chairs

The Chairs of various EG and Eurovis tracks have provided short video messages for the individual tracks including Short Papers, STARs, Posters, and Tutorials. The Chairs introduce the tracks and provide details on the selection process of the papers.

The Best Short Paper at Eurovis is also announced by the Eurovis Short Papers Chairs in their welcome message.

Full Program Available

The conference program including all sessions and events is now available. The full program is available here.

Updated Registration

Registration fees have now been worked out. Attendance at the virtual conference will be free, the costs being covered by the Eurographics association and our sponsors. Publication fees for authors of papers and posters are following the “Gold Open Access” model that the Eurographics association employs (more information here).

For the purposes of gathering statistics we would ask that attendees complete the registration (link below) so that we can ascertain numbers of attendees and to help with the planning for future conferences.

If you want to support this event and Eurographics, consider becoming a EG member. More information on the EG membership can be found here.

Register now

Virtual Paper & Poster Presentations

Paper Presentations

Papers will be presented in a format similar to previous conferences with the difference that paper sessions are streamed to youtube. Each paper presentation consists of a pre-recorded video followed by a live Q&A session. See Presentation Guidelines for Authors for more details.

Poster Session

Posters will also be presented in a digital form. The Virtual Posters Event page provides an overview on all accepted posters as well as video previews. Virtual rooms in Discord, one for each poster, will provide space for meeting the authors and discussions. More information can be found here.

UPDATE: COVID-19 and Eurographics/Eurovis 2020

Following discussions with the Eurographics and Eurovis Executive Committees it has been decided not to host the physical meeting in Norrköping this year. Instead the conference will be held in a virtual forum using a video conferencing platform, the details of which are currently being worked out. It is our intention to retain as much of the original conference program as is practical, including all paper presentations, keynotes, and poster sessions.