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Comparative Visual Analysis of Molecular Dynamics
M. Bok, M. Schäfer, N. Brich, K. Schreiner, V. Fäßler, M. Keckeisen, O. Kohlbacher, M. Krone
A Topology-based Approach Towards Subject-specific fMRI Analysis
F. Rasheed, D. Jönsson, E. Nilsson, T. Bin Masood, I. Hotz
SpaceWalker: a Visual Analytics Approach to Spatial Transcriptomics Data
C. Li, T. Höllt, B.P.F. Lelieveldt
Calvariam: Visual Educational Resources for Maxillofacial Surgery
A. Cherit Hernández, A. Shilo, P. Péry, R. G. Raidou
The Effectiveness of Representations of Abstract Bio-chemical Processes in Education
H. Pokojná, B. Kozlíková, K. Furmanová, S. Kriglstein
VRCellLabeler(VCL): Immersive labeling of Platynereisembryo’s cell lineage trees in Virtual Reality
M. T. Oyshi, B. Russig, R. Dachselt, S. Gumhold