AeroViz 2


AeroViz is a scientific visualization designed for immersive environments that shows the spreading of aerosol-bound SARS-CoV-2 particles in a classroom environment. The aerosol spreading was computed via a complex fluid simulation based on a simplified representation of a typical classroom equipped with air filters. The concentration of the aerosols emitted by the teacher is represented as a green iso-surface.

Background Information
The use of air filters in classroom environments to fight the COVID-19 pandemic was a highly discussed topic. The E.ON Energy Research Center investigated the spreading of aerosols in a typical classroom setting to provide scientific insights on the effectiveness of air filters by using a complex fluid-based simulation. Afterwards, the Visual Computing Institute integrated the results into an immersive visualization, called AeroViz that shows the aerosol concentration as iso-surfaces. The application allows to selectively visualize the temporal and spatial dynamics of the concentration for each person in the room. The immersive nature of the visualization makes it easy to understand the concept of aerosol spreading which cannot be observed in real-life. This is not only useful for experts but also makes it a powerful tool for educating the public, especially children, about the the potential risk that arises in enclosed spaces with a lot of people.

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