The VCBM 2015 NVIDIA Best Paper award was presented to :

Histology-Based Evaluation of Optical Coherence Tomographic of the Cerebral Artery Wall via Virtual Inflating. Sylvia Glasser, Thomas Hoffmann, Axel Boese, Samuel Voß, Thomas Kalinski, Martin Skalej, and Bernhard Preim

Honorable Mentions were awarded to:

  • A Survey of Cardiac 4D PC-MRI Data Processing, Benjamin Köhler, Silvia Born, Roy van Pelt, Uta Preim, and Bernhard Preim
  • CoWRadar: Visual Quantification of the Circle of Willis in Stroke Patients, Haichao Miao, Gabriel Mistelbauer, Christian Našel and M. Eduard Gröller

All three teams were invited to hand in an extended version of their paper to the EG CGF journal. The Award winner in addition received a high-end GPU sponsored by NVIDIA.

The Best Paper Committee consisted of Charles Hansen, Bernhard Kainz and Nigel W. John.