Note on Publishing your work with EuroVis and Plan-S

 We have received several author requests asking about publishing with EuroVis and Plan-S compliance. 

EuroVis publishes its material in the Eurographics Digital Library, and some material also in cooperation with Wiley Computer Graphics Forum (Full Papers, STAR Reports). Several research funding organizations require their beneficiaries to publish their work in compliance with the Plan-S initiative requirements. The Eurographics Publication Board, Eurovis Steering Committee, and Eurovis Full Paper Chairs are aware of these questions, and state the following:

  1. Publishing in the Eurographics Digital Library is Plan-S compliant.
  2. Publishing with Wiley Computer Graphics Forum is Plan-S compliant in many cases, due to so-called transformational agreements between Wiley and national funding agencies and/or universities. Authors are encouraged to consider the below information provided by Wiley and determine requirements that may apply, depending on their situation. We invite all interested authors to submit their work to EuroVis. In case of questions for clarification, please contact and we will help to find a solution. We look forward very much to receiving your work for EuroVis.


Author Information Resources by Wiley regarding Plan-S:

Wiley was one of the first publishers to make an announcement about Plan S and the Future of Publishing. Wiley is supporting the ongoing transition to open access in a number of ways. One such way is through our negotiation of country-level agreements combining access (reading) and publishing on large scales:

Wiley’s Transformational Agreements: A Summary:

Resources for authors funded by cOAlition S:

Funder agreements with Wiley:

Information about Transformative Agreements Public Data:

A tool to check compliance.  Please enter Computer Graphics Forum as the journal:

Preferred Transformative Agreement – indicates what you should do to publish with Wiley. Please follow the directions.
Compliance Through Self-Archiving Using Rights Retention – You should contact us at to discuss options using the directions above.