EuroVis Early Career Award

The EuroVis Early Career Award is given each year to one or two early-career researchers in the field, who have already made a significant contribution to visualization in general, and more specifically to the European visualization community (e.g., through outstanding scientific contributions to the EuroVis conference). The intent of this award is to recognize people early on in their career who have already made a notable contribution and are likely to make more.

Each year, the award is presented at the opening ceremony of the annual EuroVis conference, and winners receive a special certificate.

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Important Dates:

Deadline: February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) at 23:59 GMT.


Members of the visualization research community may nominate individuals for the EuroVis Early Career Award by filling out the online form. Candidates for the EuroVis Early Career Award in year 2023 must have finished their PhD in the year 2017 or later.


Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University, Sweden

Feel free to contact him through in case of questions.

Award Committee:

The committee consists of three to five members from the visualization community. Each member is serving a three to five year term. The following list of rules is proposed:

  1. The EuroVis Early Career Award Chair is nominated and approved by the EuroVis Steering Committee.
  2. The members of the award committee are chosen by the EuroVis Early Career Award Chair (informing the EuroVis Steering Committee chair).
  3. They are disclosed to the public, e.g., at the award ceremony. The EuroVis Early Career Award Chair will inform the EuroVis Steering Committee Chair every year on the award decision, prior to the opening of the EuroVis Conference.