Call for Sponsors

Sponsoring EG VCBM provides you direct access to the brightest brains in the area.

Why Supporting EG VCBM 2018?

  • Advertise your products to potential users/customers as well as to potential innovation partners.
  • Advertise your company as an interesting place to work and catch the attention of highly qualified people. Post your open positions directly via the VCBM Webpage!

    EG VCBM attracts recognized experts as well as high potential young researchers and qualified computer scientists.  Your advertisement and/or Job announcement gives you direct access to potentially hot candidates for your open positions!

  • Support transfer of knowledge and innovation from academia to industry and the general public

    EG VCBM provides to a broad public access to cutting edge developments and innovative ideas in the field. Appearing as sponsor for EG VCBM establishes a direct mental connection between innovation in the field of Visual Computing and your business.

  • Support the presentation of Granada as city of innovation hosting one of the Europe’s largest Health&Technology ecosystems, with strong connections to local and global Biomedical Research and Industry.

How to Support EG VCBM 2018?

We provide off the shelf sponsoring packages, but are also open to ideas that sponsors have how to support EG VCBM 2018 and we welcome any suggestions.

Sponsoring Packages

The idea is that a sponsor is signing up for one or several sponsoring packages with details given below:

Social Event Sponsor 3.000 €
Lunch Sponsor (available twice)
1.200 €
Coffee Break Sponsor (available 4 times) 300 €
Digital Media Sponsor supports the production of the conf. memory stick
750 €
Invited Speaker Sponsor 1.200 €
Best Paper Award Sponsor
500 €
Student Volunteers Sponsor
500 €
  • These sponsors are visibly (and by announcement) associated with the conference part which they stand in for, e.g., a Lunch Sponsor can place a poster and/or selected advertisement along with the supported lunch; the logo of the Digital Media Sponsor will be printed on the conference memory stick, …

General Sponsors

All general sponsors of EG VCBM 2018 are exposed with logo (and link) on the conf. web page and in the printed proceedings and the conference program (order/prominence of pres. depends on the level)

  • Posters / roll‐ups  of sponsors are planned to be located in the registration/meeting/break area
  • Advertisement materials in the conference bag could be a leaflet, a flyer, a pen, a writing block, …
Silver  Gold  Platinum
 Amount 1.000€ 2.000€ 3.000€
 Advertisement in conf. bag 1 piece 2 piece
 Aditional Exposure (2 days) on VCBM poster on VCBM poster on VCBM poster
 Special mentioning where possible special recognition
Free conf. passes 1 2