Home to the Bremen Town Musicians, worlds of discovery, Hanseatic heritage and aerospace expertise – Bremen is a destination with a wide-ranging appeal. Find out more about the city’s traditional and unusual attractions, shopping, exhibitions, plays and musicals. An old city can still be young at heart!

Sightseeing in Bremen

  • To the west of the town hall stands the most famous representation of the Bremen Town Musicians, the bronze sculpture created in 1951 by the artist Gerhard Marcks.
  • Town hall, UNESCO World heritage site. Built between 1405 and 1410 with a Weser Renaissance facade added in the 17th century. One of Germany’s most beautiful town halls.
  • Roland statue: Bremen’s “statue of liberty” – a symbol of trading rights and freedom since 1404. Germany’s largest Roland statue.
  • St. Peter’s Cathedral: Protestant/Lutheran church with a history spanning more than 1,200 years. Early-Gothic style from the first half of the 13th century.
  • Bremen’s oldest district, the Schnoor quarter, is a maze of lanes lined with little 15th and 16th century houses.
  • Böttcherstrasse: Built in the 1920s, this fascinating 110 metre-long lane houses shops and restaurants, museums, workshops and a carillon.
  • Bremen Cotton Exchange: This heritage-listed building has been home to all things cotton for over 100 years.
  • Hole of Bremen: Underground collection box. When a coin is added, you hear one of the Bremen Town Musicians thanking you.
  • Bremen Ratskeller: Historical restaurant: 600 years of tradition, 650 German wines, grand hall with ornate wine barrels & columns, vaulted cellar, speciality Bremen fare.
  • The market square is the focal point of Bremen.
  • Mühle am Wall: Mill dating back over a century in Wallanlagen Park. Open to visitors, also houses a restaurant.
  • Schlachte Embankment: Enjoy the wide range of restaurants and cafés beside the river or discover Bremen from the water on a boat.
  • Schütting (guildhall): Bremen former merchants’ guildhouse, now the chamber of commerce. Built in 1537/38 in the Flanders Renaissance style.
  • Überseestadt: Bremen’s former docklands are being transformed into a vibrant quarter for the 21st century with a great selection of cafés, bars and restaurants.
  • ‘Green and white forever’ – the home of Werder Bremen! The floodlit Weser Stadium can be seen for miles around.