Best Paper Award

NVIDIA Best Paper Award

The NVIDIA Best Paper Award of VCBM 2014 was presented to:

Best Paper Visibility-Driven Processing of Streaming Volume Data. Solteszova, Veronika; Birkeland, Åsmund; Viola, Ivan; Bruckner, Stefan

Honorable Mentions were awarded to:

  • Visual and Quantitative Analysis of Higher Order Arborization Overlaps for Neural Circuit Research. Swoboda, Nicolas; Moosburner, Judith; Bruckner, Stefan; Yu, Jai Y.; Dickson, Barry J.; Bühler, Katja
  • Robust Cardiac Function Assessment in 4D PC-MRI Data. Köhler, Benjamin; Preim, Uta; Gutberlet, Matthias; Fischbach, Katharina; Preim, Bernhard

All three teams were invited to hand in an extended version of their paper to the EG CGF journal. The Award winner in addition received a high-end GPU sponsored by NVIDIA.

The Best Paper Committee consisted of Charles Hansen, Bernhard Kainz and Nigel W. John.